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Global Energy Systems Conference

June 3-5, 2026

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

University of Alberta


Complex questions to build our energy future.


Around the world, our energy systems are evolving. Few changes are straightforward, but altering humanity’s relationship with energy raises constant, complex questions whose answers will affect the lives of billions. 


At GESC, some of the world’s leading energy researchers will share groundbreaking technical, environmental, and societal discoveries, perspectives, and innovations to help decision makers answer pressing present-day questions, and to foresee new questions that will shape the transformation of global energy systems.


About GESC

Hosted at the University of Alberta, Canada’s leading energy research institution, and showcasing the work and labs of more than 150 researchers and over 1,000 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other highly qualified personnel through the $75 million Future Energy Systems research program. 


In partnership with the University of Calgary, Canada’s institution that specializes in bridging the gap between discovery and innovation with problem-based research through the $75 million Global Research Initiative research program for Sustainable, Low-Carbon Unconventional Resources.


Funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.

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